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Meet Luminary Member, Julie Harnik


julie-harnik-253-web_1 - Julie Harnik

Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?

I help entrepreneurs, executives and mid-level professionals maximize their potential through leadership and career transition coaching and workshop delivery. In May, I will celebrate two years as a full-time entrepreneur - a journey that came on the heels of a 15-year career in entertainment, media and marketing. A personal and professional development nerd for years, I picked my head up and couldn't imagine being a full-time marketer, working for someone else for the rest of my career. In my last position as the VP of Marketing at a start-up, I was much more interested in team development and company culture than I was marketing strategy and media plans. Knowing I still had a lot of years left to spend in the working world, I knew it was time to make a change.

How are you overcoming challenges during the pandemic as a business owner?

When this first started, I thought I had an advantage as working from home and working solo was already a major part of my work style. It was a wake-up call in that this wasn't just another few weeks of working from home - in light of that, I aim to treat each day as an experiment giving myself space to adapt and knowing what worked for me yesterday may not work for me today.

What does your day to day schedule look like working from home?

During the week, I sleep with the blinds closed but the curtains open. This way when I wake up at 7:15am I have the benefit of natural light to help me get out of bed. I am usually in front of my computer by 8:30/8:45am. I find my energy is waning earlier in confinement, so I try not to have anything my schedule later than 4pm. If it isn't raining I try to get outside for some fresh air and movement. I also work to block my schedule to have clients back-to-back, work calls back-to-back and solid chunks of time in wish I can do individualized work. I am a guide for Caveday, where we lead 3.5 hour focused work blocks and getting 2-3 of them on my calendar a week is very helpful in insuring work gets done and free time stays sacred, as that time is more important than ever.

In what ways are you taking care of your personal well being and what are your #selfcare tips?

I work as much as I can to have as much structure as possible Monday through Friday (wake up at the same time, get ready for work, structured breaks, etc.) and as little structure as possible over the weekends (pjs all day, screentime only to replace what I would normally do in person in a non-Covid world). Since opportunities to change my environment are limited, I try to change my activities and focus to ensure I am giving myself ample space to rest and restore. Other activities that are helpful include - sharing the best part of our days every night at dinner, finding time for 20 minute quick hit workouts to get my heart rate up - it does wonders in improving my mood, and watching old movies with Luminary friends so we can laugh and talk about light-hearted topics (instead of Covid-related topics).

How are you inviting others to take a seat at the table #virtually?

I have actually used this time to get to know some Luminaries better. While catching up at the space would be ideal, this is also a great time to deepen my relationships with people who I often passed in the kitchen with only time to say a quick hello.

What impact has Luminary made in your career? eg: Business Generated, Revenue, New Clients, Career Connections, Advancement Opportunities 

As a solopreneur I would be lost without my Luminary friends during this time. Whether its comparing notes on how we are doing, running (or not running) our businesses and just catching up as friends and human beings, this community - more than any other I am in understands my personal journey through Covid.