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Meet Luminary Member, Emely Paulino


Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?

I grew up in a family of educators! My mother is a public school teacher and many of my other relatives are teachers too. As a graduate of the The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of Astoria, a public all-girl’s school in Queens, New York, and as a former Mentee at Girls Write Now (GWN), a creative writing and mentoring program for girls in New York City, I have personally experienced the benefits of belonging to a community that is dedicated to supporting and empowering young adults on their college and career journeys. Then, at Bard College, I was Spanish/Latin American studies major and volunteered as a Spanish and Writing tutor with the Bard Prison Initiative. Since then, I have continued to stay involved with mission-driven organizations that seek to make high quality education equitable and accessible.

How are you overcoming challenges during the pandemic as a business owner?

I overcome challenges by consulting with trusted peers and colleagues and by doing yoga. Yoga has taught me how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and how to prioritize rest. Lately, I make sure to carve out time in my schedule for doing things that I enjoy -- whether it be yoga, reading, or riding my bike around Queens!

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

I attribute my success to my values-based work ethic. It's important to me that my work aligns with my values and commitment to supporting individuals with similar backgrounds as mine!

What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it?

A mistake I made was not advocating for myself. Now I recognize the importance of asking for what you need!

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

I am currently working on public speaking!

In what ways are you taking care of your personal well being and what are your #selfcare tips?

My biggest #selfcare tip is to prioritize the things that make you feel safe and at peace. Self care is not always a luxurious spa treatment (though that is great!) -- sometimes it is facing challenges and setting boundaries at work or in your personal life!

How are you inviting others to take a seat at the table #virtually?

I am offering group and individual yoga online yoga classes at a sliding scale. Reach out to me for more info!

What impact has Luminary made in your career? eg: Business Generated, Revenue, New Clients, Career Connections, Advancement Opportunities 

Luminary has offered me a space to make career connections and have candid conversations about the realities of life as a professional in NYC!