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Luminary Member Tania Sterl on Empowering Women Through Fashion and Style


D578FF94-DE4F-4AAD-A601-5C01E341711A - Tania Sterl

Tell us a bit about yourself? While I loved my 18-year career as a fashion designer, designing women’s clothing for the accomplished female professional, I sensed a disconnect between high fashion and the real working woman. I asked myself “how can I take my love of fashion and desire to help empower women and use style as a tool to elevate their confidence and careers?” What I love about clothes and fashion is that they are a tool for self-expression showing the world who and how you are inside and out. I love to hear a woman’s story, her role, her goals, and then “paint her picture” but with clothing. 
How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?  Seven years ago, in June of 2013, I took the leap to launch my personal styling business to help women step into a style that embodies their true essence. While still working at my job, I was asked to speak at a women’s event on Style and Success-- I was terrified but prepped my Powerpoint and presented. The response from the women was so overwhelmingly positive that I was moved to leave my role that was more behind the scenes to standing out on my own and launching a personal styling business that would continue to empower women with style.  

 What do you find is the most rewarding aspect of what you do? When a woman can see herself again, truly “see” herself. Holding space for her through a transformation in her career and confidence, getting her across a threshold to see the beautiful confident woman she really is when she steps into outfit colors and silhouettes that make her feel like herself again and gives her the confidence to go out and conquer!

How are you inviting other women to take a seat at the table? I love that by inspiring women to dress up they show other women what’s possible. I also host events, I speak at events, I love to connect with other women who are helping women to be their best selves. I love to collaborate and speak to inspire, I love getting women together to share their fears and goals and supporting them every step of the way. 

What impact has Luminary made in your career? Omigosh where do I begin? It’s been amazing. After 5 years of working from home, I declared I want a workspace that is beautiful to be in as well as inspiring. More importantly, I wanted to connect with other ambitious women. From the programming to the events to the very natural networking, I am so grateful there is a safe space that is beyond a place to “get work done”. I’ve met so many other amazing women, networked and hosted programming and events for other women here at Luminary. I call it my sanctuary!  I've met CEOs and Founders in fashion and like industries that I would not have met working from my home office. It has helped elevate my brand and business for sure.