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Amplifying Our Community Values


You may have noticed something different at Luminary this past month.

Upon check-in with one of our Community Managers at our front desk, you'll see a decal proudly displayed in gold script font above the green chairs in the guest waiting area. The mantra reads, "BE confident, BE open, BE passionate, BE genuine, BE yourself" with our Instagram handle @BeALuminary sealing the deal.

These core values are not just buzzwords for us at Luminary, they are a part of the authentic DNA that is our membership and which we take very seriously. That's why we have no hesitation in defining these core values as our authentic selves, as the definition of authenticity refers to the proven fact that something is legitimate or real. For us, that means after a year of building community with you, we are proud to say that no one can question that this is what it means to be a Member, Partner, guest or Staff upon entering our space.

In a continual effort to remain authentic and retain our magic, we've posted this mantra for everyone to see and remind themselves of.

In addition, we've now officially launched our Luminary Code of Conduct which all new Members, Partners and Staff will agree upon before joining us in the community. The Code of Conduct serves to be a living guide that can/will change as our membership does, but that devotes itself to identifying the behaviors and actions of all in order to create safe, inclusive and authentic spaces for all.

We are grateful for your playing part in our community and helping us build a real ecosystem for all to congregate, collaborate and support one another in.

If you'd like to read the Luminary Code of Conduct you may find it here.

URL for Code of Conduct: https://luminarynyc.spaces.nexudus.com/files/Luminary%20Code%20of%20Conduct.2.12.2020.pdf?rnd=zI3Nz}