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Kristy Wallace on the Value of Networking in Her Career



Headshot2_lg - Kristy Wallace

Luminary Member Kristy Wallace has personally experienced the power of networking in her career and life, learn just know how this powerful tool has opened her up to phenomenal opportunities!

Tell us a bit about yourself? I'm the CEO of Ellevate Network, a community of professional women changing business and the world. I'm the host of the Ellevate Podcast: Conversations with Women Changing the Face of Business and a regular speaker and thought leader on Leadership, Diversity, Social Entrepreneurship, Networking, and Entrepreneurialism.  I strive to support women and girls in achieving their dreams. I'm an Angel Investor with Pipeline Angels and Portfolia; a Member of the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change; an Advisor for the 92Y Women in Power Fellowship for Rising Female Leaders; on the Advisory Council for the Villanova University Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Institute; Co-Chair of the Leadership Advisory Board for the Girl Scouts of Greater NYC; and a Board Member at Workforce Professionals Training Institute.

How did you get started with your current career path/business journey? Networking!  I had been a member of Ellevate Network (formerly 85 Broads) and met with the owner who then asked me to join the team.  

What do you find is the most rewarding aspect of what you do? Meeting new people. I've learned so much about others experiences, lives, ambitions, and challenges.  I'm naturally inquisitive and a problem solver and I take all of these learnings and turn them into solutions that Ellevate can use to help our community.

How are you inviting other women to take a seat at the table? I'm very intentional about this.  Through my work at Ellevate and my personal life, I connect women to speaking opportunities, jobs, board opportunities, funding and beyond. I'm always looking to make connections and I specifically look to make connections for those that are different to me.  If we want to create a more just and equal world, we need to take steps every day to see that happen.  We all have the power to include others and to invite them to the table. 

What impact has Luminary made in your career? I love that so many women in my network are a part of Luminary.  Every time I'm at Luminary I'm deepening connections creating a great impact for myself and my business.