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Fitness & Wellness 2020


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It’s a new year and while I know it’s a great time for resolutions, sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. I think it’s important to implement aspects of health and wellness into our lives that are long term, sustainable and most importantly enjoyable!

I generally live by the 80/20 rule, which means I love to nourish my body with wholesome organic foods, but if I want the cake, I will enjoy every little bit of that piece of cake (and not feel guilty!).

For those new to the wellness community, it’s great to follow healthy blogs and websites to get you started. One of my favorites for recipes, latest trends and wellness tips is Well+Good.

Being apart of the Luminary community and what we offer in the fitness space allows us to also enjoy staying active, which is so wonderful not only physically but mentally as well!

We have some wonderful members who offer fun and functional workouts, including Body by Fleur, danceFLOORED by Tootsie Olan (trust me, anyone can take this class!), and Drunk Yoga by Eli Walker (it is exactly what you think it is!).

To book a class check out our schedule here