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Dear America...


Growing up one of my favorite book series was “Dear America”, a line of books published by Scholastic. The Dear America series covers a wide range of topics, including: the Salem Witch Trials, western expansion, slavery, immigration, the Great Depression, Native Americans' experiences, racism, coal mining, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the fight for women's suffrage and more.

As a young girl reading these books I was fascinated to learn about such things through someone I could relate to. The young women in the books were always around my age and seemed to have similar feelings and thoughts, even though they were living in a different world it seemed. Yet what I loved most was that even though these events happened in the past, I was always able to take a lesson from the characters and apply it to my own life.

I have always found that interesting about history as a whole, that we are able to look back on it and to learn from past experiences, failures and triumphs. I feel that this is also why I love Luminary so much. Every day I am able to talk to our lovely members and visitors, and learn about them,  their past and their histories. To be capable of learning from and relating to others in the space is something that I am truly passionate about and grateful for.

So this Women’s History Month I am truly going to try to look back and reflect on where history has brought us, be thankful to those who have made it, and look forward to the history that is still in the making.