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Cherly B. Engelhardt: Composer, Songwriter, Consultant


How I Discovered Luminary

Every year on January 1st, I choose a word of the year. My intention for this word is to be original, inspiring, and last me through the year and keep me on track. I spent most of my 30’s building foundations and setting myself up and on January 1st of 2019, I felt like it was time to shine. But Shine wasn’t the word. I grabbed a thesaurus, and came across Luminary. I have a thing for moons and stars and magic, so the multiple definitions- about being a brilliant inspiration in a field, as well as being a source of light especially a celestial body, truly called to me. It was set. Luminary was my word of 2019. 
I started to Google the word to see what sorts of businesses used it. That’s how I found Luminary in New York. I stalked the website for a few months, practically drooling over the beautiful photos, thinking, “this place is fancy pants and I won’t belong there.” Then one day, I had a meeting in the city, and since it takes about 2 hours to travel to New York, I wanted to add something else to my schedule to make the trip feel worth-while. So I took a tour of Luminary (“just for fun” I told myself!) and signed up that day. That was in March of 2019. I’ll be a member for life!
My Luminary
I think I have many luminaries. Creative people who have to generate their own art, their own fans, their own income, and their own strategy truly inspire me. My three closest girlfriends, all who shine a light on me when I’m feeling… dim… and who are also finding their way to being leaders in their own fields of art therapy, film production, and wealth management: Jen, Steph, Joanna. My dad was my original Luminary, and since he has passed away, my mom, who has always been my cheerleader, is stepping into that spotlight. 
There aren't many government SCUBA divers-turned-pop-artists-turned-film-composers who battled panic attacks, looked for audio to help quell the anxiety, and composed a stunning album in an abandoned mountain town in Greece as the solution. Cheryl B. Engelhardt is one of those people though; a Hudson Valley-based composer and producer of the New Age album, “Luminary” - music for mindfulness, focus, and growth. 
Cheryl has been a Luminary member since March 2019. She writes music for commercials like Lowes and Honey Nut Cheerios, documentaries and films like “We Are Gathered Here” (now streaming on Amazon Prime), pieces for social justice choirs, and is co-writing a Broadway musical based on a Kennedy event of the ’60’s called “Boiler Room Girls.” 
“Luminary”, Cheryl's fifth record, is coming out February 7th. The piano/ambient album has already hit iTunes and Amazon charts even weeks before its release as it is available for pre-order at www.iamaluminary.com. She is hosting the February 20th happy hour in honor of its release.
Her successes as an independent musician make her a sought-after speaker on music business panels and podcasts. She began an online series of programs called In The Key Of Success to help other musicians find fulfillment in their creative careers through powerful communication (specifically pitching and email marketing) and self-awareness. 
Cheryl received degrees in Biology and in Music from Cornell University, studied orchestration at Juilliard, then began her tenure as a touring pop recording artist before focusing on composing for films, ads, theater, and choirs. She lives in New Paltz, NY, with her mountain-guide husband and basset hound.