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Bix Gabriel & Stephanie Arcella: A Trust-Based Partnership


BG_SA_T2_2019 - Bix Gabriel

Meet Luminary Members 
Bix Gabriel and Stephanie Arcella

Tell us a bit about yourself? We're Bix and Stephanie, co-founders of TakeTwo Services, which exclusively provides nonprofits with fundraising & communications services. We called ourselves TakeTwo because we are a team of twosome even call us a dynamic duo! - and because our business is based on combining two vital areas of nonprofit growth: communications & fundraising. 
How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?  We both started out working at a small NY nonprofit org about 15 years ago. We soon realized that when we merged our efforts, we got more done, better, and quicker. But we also knew that the nonprofit world — like most industries — was slow to change. So in 2011, we formed our own firm with little more than hard work, vision, and a trust-based partnership of two women! 
What do you find is the most rewarding aspect of what you do? We’re lucky! Our clients work in the trenches to make lives better and our world more just. We get to help people know and support these amazing orgs! Since we work with a variety of causes - from gender equity to environmental, and arts sustainability - we see both today’s thorniest issues and solutions to them. One thrill is when organizations change the way they think about donors and communicate with them like they’re, you know, real people!  
How are you inviting other women to take a seat at the table? We’re women-led, women-run, and we’re very dedicated, maybe slightly obsessive, about the many demands working women face — life, kids, careers, self, etc. That’s why we work on a flexible schedule — we don’t have fixed office hours or fixed days of work for our team. All we ask is that everyone gets the job done — well and on-time! This model works really well for people who are caregivers, like moms, or entrepreneurs who have many interests, including yes, a feel for juggling!
What impact has Luminary made in your career? We ran into Surabhi Lal, an old friend and head of Luminary Head of Program Development and Learning on a random flight and quickly joined as members because this “informal” network of women is what we believe gets things done. So far, we’ve mostly been connecting with other women at Luminary at the wine cooler, which we think is an upgrade on the old water cooler. One of the reasons we’re excited about Luminary is because it supports our model of work - i.e. not the traditional 9-5 office. We talk about Luminary with everyone who asks - do you have an office? Where do you host meetings? We talk about Luminary - its mission, beautiful working space, and how it uniquely meets our needs, and hope to do a lot more referring all around in the future.