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Authenticity is not a Solo Venture


Authenticity is not a Solo Venture

What does it mean to be authentic? There are lots of ways to be authentic and defining what it is can sometimes be a challenge. We know what it is when we see it; it can move us to tears, it can challenge our assumptions, and it can give us strength. When we don’t feel like we are able to be ourselves that is also apparent. We might feel left out, distant, or even have an icky feeling in our stomach.

Often authenticity means having a high level of self-awareness. This is fundamentally what leadership is about. Standing in our truth and being our best selves can come in many contexts. I can be authentically me in my pajamas, in a cocktail dress, and everything in between. How I act in those different situations will vary. In part this is because in my pajamas I am likely surrounded by my nearest and dearest. I have a level of trust and familiarity with them that is unique. In a cocktail dress I can still be authentically me and I will show a different facet to who I am. We all have multiple facets to who we are, and they are all uniquely authentic.

A lesser talked about part regarding authenticity is the external factors that contribute to environments where we can show up as the best versions of ourselves. An environment where people are welcomed and feel a sense of belonging. This allows us to show up and just be, to engage in dialogue, and connect with one another. This is the community that we are working to create at Luminary.