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10 Ways We Are Making Luminary Our Home


When asked what I enjoy most about my job as the Community Director of Luminary, it’s an easy response - “I love the people I work with, and the people I work for.” I fuel up on my personal energy through our community every day I come into work. The passion, excitement, challenges and power that flows through our community from each Member is what makes Luminary feel truly different when you walk in. 


However, in the current environment, we’ve all had to readjust how we can continue to not only work from home efficiently and stay engaged, but make home still feel like Luminary. 


Check out the 10 Ways I’m Making My Home, Luminary. 


  1. Join our Virtual Main Living Room - While we’ve always had our Luminary Community Board on the app and Member portal, Luminary recently launched our Slack Channel and Facebook group for even more possibilities of connection. Seeing everyone’s updates on where they are in the world helps me feel a little bit better knowing that within moments, just like at Luminary, we can catch up. 
  2. Sign Up to be a Mentor or Mentee on our Facebook Group - With the launch of our Facebook Group, we’ve also launched “Mentorship” through Facebook. Fill out a quick application to either be a Mentor or Mentee, find a match and then follow the course over the next 8 weeks (or find your own path) on Facebook. 
  3. Attend a Virtual Event or Program at Luminary - (Please read the next sentence to the tune of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John) We’re getting digital... digital! With new events and programs coming every week for you to continue to build your business, learn new skills and pivot. Make sure to continue to check our events page and read the Lumiere. 
  4. Recommend Ways to Disconnect - I know, I said stay connected… but sometimes we need “me” time too! Recommend a new TV show, a killer song you just heard, helpful links for parents while school is closed and so much more on our Crowdsourced Google doc! P.S. Check out my personal recommendations of online Oregon Trail and “The Tiger King” on Netflix!
  5. Connect with a New Member at Luminary - Log into our Directory on the Member Portal and sort by our “New Members” to reach out and introduce to yourself and welcome a New Member to our Community! Need help doing this? Send me an email and I’d be happy to walk you through how to connect with our newest Luminaries!
  6. Take a break from your busy week and SHOP - We all do it when we need a break (I’m a sucker for a J.Crew sale), but now you can shop our community during this uncertain time on our Marketplace. Feel free to shop from a fellow Member, support our impacted Luminary Part-Time Staff during this time (100% of the profits go to our fabulous Community Managers who welcome you to the space), support our Illumination Grants, or buy a Luminary Gift Card for a friend for future use!
  7. Enjoy a 12-Minute Meditation - While Luminary’s Meditation room is comfy and cozy, your home can be too! Check out this 12-minutes meditation OR reach out to one of our spectacular mental health practitioners or spiritual guides on Luminary’s Member Directory! 
  8. Have yourself a ‘quarantini’ at our Virtual Happy Hour - Just because we don’t have wine on tap, you’re just a click away from our weekly Luminary Virtual Happy Hour! Join me, the Luminary team and your community as we reconnect over your choice of beverage every Thursday from 5PM-7PM.
  9. Follow Your Community on the ‘Gram - During this very virtual world, take some time every day and add your fellow Luminary members on Facebook, connect over LinkedIn and of course give someone and their business a follow on the gram! This is a great non-financial opportunity to show support for one another that could have major impact in the future. 
  10. Share Your Talents - When it comes to a community, what makes Luminary different is the true sharing of talents, resources and friendly exchange of past experience. Usually these sharing moments happen in the space, but now we have the opportunity to reach more of our community now that we’ve gone virtual. Use our “Ask/Give” tab to share what you can do for one another and what you’re in need of now.