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Meet Luminary Member, Sara Cisco


Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?

I have worked in Banking for 15 years in various roles, including Cash Management Sales and Wholesale Portfolio Management. Throughout my career, I have been interested in supporting colleagues and helping them to make the most out of their careers and opportunities for development. I often sought out ways to mentor junior colleagues, either through my roles or as Chair of one of my company’s employee resource groups, helping to design programming and the curriculum for various mentoring programs. I am also passionate about creating inclusive environments and recently completed a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate through Cornell University. My passion for mentoring has led me to a role in Human Resources running my company’s Graduate Development Program. This has been a wonderful opportunity to utilize my front-line business experience while delving into HR and learning about that important part of the business.

How are you overcoming challenges during the pandemic as a business owner?

I am not a business owner, I work for a large bank. During this time of uncertainty, when changing roles or moving forward in one’s career is challenging, I have focused on learning new things, such as completing a Diversity & Inclusion Certification through Cornell University, as well as taking on new projects to help develop my skills and stay engaged.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

My love of learning. I like to learn knew things and am happy to take on new projects. This has been a great way to expand my knowledge and skills and more importantly, to help identify the things that really interest me. Being able to take what I learn in one role and apply it to another allows me to be flexible and resilient enough to face challenges as they come.

What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it?

Giving in to or believing naysayers. Some people will always want to tear down your ideas or plans but often that’s coming from people who don’t know you well or who have their own agendas or baggage. Over time, I’ve learned to hear what they’re saying, take the parts that are helpful, discard the parts that are not and continue to move forward on the path that’s right for me.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

I continuously work on my public speaking skills and have now shifted my focus to virtual presentations.

In what ways are you taking care of your personal well being and what are your #selfcare tips?

I love to run and I have prioritized making time for it over the past months. For me, running encourages other self care behaviors - eating healthfully, getting enough sleep, taking rest days, making time for myself away from work and screens.

How are you inviting others to take a seat at the table #virtually?

I am the Chair of Girls Inc. of NYC’s Junior Board (GINYC). GINYC provides research-based programming and mentoring to girls aged 6-18, helping them to become strong, smart and bold. The Junior Board focuses on fundraising for GINYC’s programming and this year we are also focused on building out a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

I also am a member of GlamourGals Foundation Inc’s Advisory Council (GG). GlamourGals organizes teen volunteers to provide companionship to residents of senior homes. This past summer, I developed and ran an 8 week mentoring program for GlamourGals’ 5 summer interns, focusing on professional development. Currently, I am leading volunteers from my company in a letter writing campaign (My Dear Friend) to help combat elder isolation.

What impact has Luminary made in your career? eg: Business Generated, Revenue, New Clients, Career Connections, Advancement Opportunities 

Luminary has provided a wonderful Community, of talented and supportive women with whom to share ideas, collaborate, and grow professionally.