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5 women entrepreneurs on how #MeToo has changed their companies

From improving sexual harassment training to creating more collaborative work environments, this is how women are changing their businesses.BY LINDSAY TIGAR6 MINUTE READIt’s been more than a year...

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Luminary Helping Female Professionals Get a Seat at the Table

Boardrooms are dominated by men, but Luminary, a professional development hub for women, is looking to change that. Founder and CEO Cate Luzio joined Cheddar to share why it's important for women... Keep Reading

Luminary Founder Cate Luzio On Why Female-forward Communities Are Important

By Ashley Salamanca

Cate Luzio is a bit of an anomaly. She hustled her way to the top ranks of corporate and investment banking, a notoriously...

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Luminary + The Emery Partnership

 "Given a mutual commitment to supporting women and personal and professional development, the two newly-opened collaborative spaces inked a reciprocal partnership. This collaboration gives...

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Luminary Founder Cate Luzio on Quitting Her Banking Job to Help Women Advance Their Careers

Make no mistake: Before Cate Luzio quit her big banking job, she had it made. She led a global business at HSBC and jetted around the world for meetings every month. She managed huge teams and had...

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