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Recent Posts by Luminary

Luminary is a female-focused community of empowered professional women with a space for us to work, grow, and connect. We are women who share a desire for networking and career development, crave access to programs for professional acceleration, seek career progression into new opportunities, and need an environment that fosters broader and deeper connections—if you feel like you belong here, you belong here.
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Luminary + The Emery Partnership

 "Given a mutual commitment to supporting women and personal and professional development, the two newly-opened collaborative spaces inked a reciprocal partnership. This collaboration gives...

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Inspired by Career Disruption, a Space for Empowered Professional Women to Work, Grow and Connect

Before founding Luminary, Cate Luzio was a Managing Director and Global Head of Multinational Corporate Banking at HSBC. Based in NYC, she led a team of more than 1,000 people in 55 countries that...

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