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The United For America X Luminary
Fellowship Program

Helping diverse women-owned businesses across America impacted by COVID-19 recover, rebuild, and reimagine their future.

  • 290 Fellowships Awarded Thus Far
    Across 9 Cities
    81% Awarded to Women of Color 

Women in the workforce have faced considerable challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic as our country sank into a ‘she-cession’ with job loss and economic uncertainty skyrocketing. In an effort to combat this, Unilever partnered with Luminary to provide 290 women business owners in America’s most impacted communities with the resources they need to adapt their businesses and keep workers employed. But our work isn’t done. 

This May, Unilever is hosting its second annual Day of Service to rally its employees, brands, and partners to take continued action to support the people and communities who have been hardest hit by the pandemic. As a part of this, Luminary and Unilever are working together to provide opportunities for give and get support for women-founded businesses – because when we help each other, we grow together. Join us below. 

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A renewed sense of hope is being felt across the country as vaccines are distributed and we see further signs of recovery. But for millions, the impact of the pandemic drags on inequitably. For Unilever, aiding those most impacted by the pandemic remains a priority, and this spring, the company will hold its second annual Day of Service, inviting their employees, brands, and partners to continue to bring aid to our communities through volunteer and donation opportunities.

One way you can get involved is by contributing to Luminary’s Illumination Grants fund below. Illumination Grants provide one annual Luminary membership to a woman in need of a support system at no cost to them and are primarily given to those from historically marginalized backgrounds – find more information about the grants here.

Invest in a Woman Today


Unilever, the makers of Dove, Suave, Hellmann's and more, is taking action to support the people and communities who have been hardest hit by the pandemic. This May, Unilever is partnering with organizations like Feeding America, Boys & Girls Club of America, Luminary and the Ad Council to provide resources and support so that Americans can thrive now and in the future.

Visit EveryDayUDoesGood.com to find out how you can get involved.

“Luminary is my own personal business accelerator.”

– Nancy Rhodes, Founder/CEO of Alternew

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Past Winner: Chromat

Two years ago, we developed a creative campaign for NYC bodywear brand, Chromat. The brand’s first-ever ad campaign, Chromat Pool Rules, received 205 million social impressions (with no paid media), coverage in 50 publications worldwide, an increase in sales of 38%, and overwhelmingly positive social engagement. Check out our case study video below and some of the media buzz it received here or here.

We can’t wait to see how we can top it this year.